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On-Site Support

Reduce returns and negative reviews with our custom support solution

We help brands add $100,000+ to their profits by designing a complete customer support solution.



with your customers at the point of return.

The goal is to redirect customers to our support pages which we customize just for your brand.

Redirect customer with


damaging negative reviews and reduce your return rate.

Disgruntled customers will definitely return your products and likely leave negative reviews, which impacts margins and future sales. Connect with Onsite to stop these now!


your customers with our all-in-one ecommerce support solution.

Onsite tools help brands educate customers and provide top notch support when needed most. Making sure consumers are keeping the products they purchased.

Omni Channel Support

Extend your product life cycle & increase profits.

Keep customers happy and reduce your return rate by providing consumers support when they need it most. Our Onsite support tools offer a complete solution, giving brands everything they need to guarantee positive purchase experiences.


Amazon Total
0 K
Return Avoidance
60- %
Negative Experiences Avoided
Avg. Impact On Profits Per Return

Getting Started Is Easy

Schedule a return strategy call.

Together we will devise a go forward strategy based on the products you sell, common return issues, and company support resources.

Design your landing page.

Based on the direction of your team, our designers will build the robust landing page. Getting you ready with a complete knowledge base, capable of providing effective support. 

Integrating your support page.

Together we will distribute your support page link across all of your selling platforms. This includes the exclusive amazon integration which takes up to 2 weeks to set up.

For the first time brands can educate & communicate the online shopper.

Each brand has used the onsite tools in its own unique ways. Start thinking about how your company can leverage this superpower.

Retain Loyal Customers
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Best selling beef jerky brand had hundreds of our customers on Amazon's subscribe & save program. Onsite support helped them stop consumers from cancelling their subscription whenever there was a product issue. This helped them retain thousands of dollars a month.
Product Installation
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An uneducated customer is a very expensive customer. The most common cause for returning a product is improper installation. Helping the online shopper correctly install their products is the most simple way to reduce your return rate.
Replacement Parts
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Sometimes the customer is missing a piece or has received a damaged part. Instead of losing the full value of the return, simply send out a replacement piece and save on all the shipping fees, restocking fees etc....

Custom support experience built for your consumers.

Our website designers will work with you to develop a complete support page. Loaded with a knowledge base, FAQs, live chat support and more…..

Get started with On-site Support

Reduce returns and bring profits back to your business.